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Planning to Attend

Q    What are the Covid-19 protocols at the event?

A    There are a lot of unknowns around the current pandemic, and the health and safety of our              Members, guests and employees are Windsor’s highest priority. We are looking forward to                safely gathering at the Windsor polo grounds as we celebrate the sixth biennial Windsor
        Charity Polo Cup on February 19, 2022. Participants are encouraged to have received at least
        two doses of a Covid-19 vaccination or have received a negative result from a Rapid Antigen
        Test taken 24-hours before entering the Windsor property. The wearing of masks is optional.

Q    What is the recommended attire?

A    Traditional polo attire is recommended. Ladies may choose to wear a festive, grand            hat but it is suggested to leave the high heels at home in favor of flats or wedges. The
       entire event will be staged on grass. Gentlemen may prefer to wear jackets and ties,
       but they are not a requirement. The tailgate side may be more casual.


Q    What is the timeline for the day?

A    Gates open at 10 a.m. and the day’s events are expected to conclude at approximately
       5 p.m. See link for a complete schedule of events.


Q    I am coming from outside of Windsor, where do I park?

A    Parking entrances will be clearly marked along A1A and are indicated on this map for
       Polo Event, Tailgate, Volunteer/Staff and Retail Village Vendor/Porsche Club.

Q    Can I visit the Tailgate section?

A    All attendees are encouraged to view the Tailgate section and other attractions
       around the field. This year’s tailgate competition theme is “Celebrating Planet Earth.”
       See the link for tailgate guidelines and rules.


Q    Will food be available for Tailgate participants to purchase?

A    Tailgate participants are encouraged to bring their own food and beverages. There
       will no concession stands at the event. 


Q    Where can I purchase raffle tickets?

A.   Raffle tickets can be purchased before the event at the event website or in Belle Cose’s
       two Vero Beach stores. A complete list of raffle prizes is included on the event
       website. Raffle winners are announced at approximately 1:30 p.m. on the event
       day. Winners need not be present to win.


Q    What retail brands are featured in the Specialty Retail Village? 

A    A complete list of the event’s participating retailers and links to their websites can be
       found on the event website here. Fifteen percent of all sales will be donated to the
       event beneficiaries. Event merchandise will also be available to purchase on both sides
       of the field.


Q    What is the plan should it rain?

A    In case of rain, the match may be canceled depending on the amount of precipitation.
       If the field is too wet for safe play, even though it may no longer be raining, the match
       will be canceled. Other events will go on as scheduled. There will be no refunds in
       case of rain.


Q    Will first aid be available at the event?

A    Polo is an exciting, fast moving sport. Spectators must be aware at all times of where
       the horses are and if a ball is coming in their direction. Spectators must stay behind
       the white rope and make sure that children do as well. No pets permitted. Emergency
       personnel will be on-site.


Q    Where are the bathroom facilities?

A    Bathroom facilities will be placed on both sides of the field.

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