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Participating in the Tailgate section gives you a front row seat to all the action on the field. The atmosphere on the east side of the field is fun and casual. Each tailgate spot accommodates one vehicle and up to six guests. 

This year's theme for the tailgate competition is Fashion Trends Through the Decades. Though competing is not mandatory, we hope all Tailgaters join in on the fun. The many colorfully designed cars, people and pop-up tents add buzz and excitement to the event.

Decorate your 10’ x 20’ tailgate spot (includes space for vehicle) and yourselves with fashion trends of a particular decade. You could choose the roaring 1920s with a nod to art deco design, flapper dresses, pinstripe suits and bowler hats. Other ideas would be:

  • Mod 1960s with ultra miniskirts and patent leather go-go boots

  • 1950s gave us poodle skirts, leather jackets, Marilyn Monroe, and Mad Men fashion

  • Decade of the 1970s brought Woodstock with hippies in tie-dyed tees and hip-hugging bell bottoms. The film Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta popularized disco dancing and platform shoes all over the world

  • 1980s bring to mind Miami Vice, punk rock, padded shoulders, big hair, spandex leggings, Michael Douglas’s slicked back hair in the film Wall Street and Madonna in leather and lace

  • You could even choose to represent the prehistoric era and dress like Wilma and Fred in The Flintstones!

The ideas are endless!

Click on the Tailgate Guidelines button above for more details.

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